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We are proud of our brand new Experience Center in Utrecht. It is a state-of-the-art hotbed jam-packed full of contemporary interior concepts for various sectors. We can help you develop your concept with inspiring ideas and applications. Your architect’s plans are in safe hands, and we will develop your design further in close collaboration with you. From hotels to restaurants, public spaces to hospitality, short-stay apartments to recreational homes, and from offices to retail design.

As soon as you enter our world, you will be showered with the latest techniques – explosions of materials, colours, samples and contemporary applications for every type of project. Fully-furnished hotel rooms and holiday homes. We will take you on a journey to see the range of endless possibilities.

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Interior Group has interior designers who will work with you to convert your idea into a beautiful design. You will find everything you need to support you and make the right material choices here under one roof.

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The Experience Center is so much more. It is a source of inspiration.
Een creatief broeinest waar architecten free of charge kunnen werken en elkaar ontmoeten. We can reserve several “creation rooms” to generate the right atmosphere to brainstorm quietly and come up with good ideas. Everything concerning interior and project design is available. Colour and sample walls and a wide range of material applications are all available.

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Enter our “Storyworld”. Interior architects can meet customers on a daily basis and use the creative square in combination with all the samples and materials available. You will find everything under one roof here. You can brainstorm with your client and let your creative mind run wild. Support your ideas with the huge range of material types available. Be sure of the beautiful design you and your client are creating together.

Laat je inspireren door opgeleverd interieur op maat

wall of fame

Projects we have carried out for leading companies act as inspiration. Walk through the tunnel and pause for a moment to take in all the possibilities. Think of it as a living portfolio that you walk through, and cast your eyes over the various projects we have delivered. Look and be amazed.

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The Art of Creation
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