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With the merger of Keijsers Interiors and De Projectgroep, we remain who we are and we are 100% committed to the high quality that our two companies stand for! We are progressing with full force and we will use our joint specialties even better.
Willem Hoefakker CEO

+31 (0)6 1094 6451

What I like about Keijsers is the inspiring ambition, the great quality and commitment. Think along with the client, create unique pieces and thinking out of the box.

Eli van Beekveld COO

+31 (0)6 3957 1435

I enjoy working in a project-focussed business: you see that you are creating something tangible. I love the challenge of making each order run financially smooth every time.

Jef van Beek Controller

+31 (0)77 397 41 00

At Keijsers Interiors we build and realize environments. Environments based on needs and wishes, translated by us into reality by means of a design. It is great to be surrounded by so much creativity, passion and commitment as in this company. This mix is my motive.

Luciene van Mulken Sales Manager

+31 (0)6 1352 5160

With my commercial experience and network, I want to enter into long relationships with partners that are important to us. And professionally fulfill wishes and expectations.

Reinco Huisman Sales Manager

+31 (0)1267 3651

The diversity in the projects always creates a new challenge. From the first step the designated team takes care of the project, allowing us to switch quickly on all facets. By being creative and coming up with smart solutions, we create a suitable offer. All this makes working at Keijsers and with Keijsers Interiors so beautiful!

Stefan Hofmans Calculator

+31 (0)77 397 41 00

Never a dull moment at Keijsers Interiors, we always face new challenges. Drawing, calculating and working out details for stores with special items, give me a lot of energy.

Tim Hovens Assistent Project Manager

+31 (0)6 8378 9536

Keijsers is a beautiful company with passionate people, the team is committed to achieve the ideas and demands of our customers. It is a dynamic company, never a dull moment. The hectic and dynamic, from which good thing originate, make my work at Keijsers challenging

Marianne Weitenauer Project Manager Retail

+31 (0)6 8677 6844

We have a top-team with whom we realize wonderful and challenging projects every day. I stay in close contact with our production location in Poland and ensure that communications run smoothly.

Markus Granzow Project Manager

+31 (0)6 2503 2069

We work on many different projects, which means no day is the same. My job gives me the opportunity to make a difference by focusing on our clients’ needs and thinking of solutions that have true added value in the entire process. That's what I like most about the work we do.

Rob Heijneman Business Unit Manager

+31 (0)6 4437 4956

Keijsers is a large interior construction company that has managed to maintain its small-scale working culture. The power of the company is situated in the short lines of communication. This makes it a dynamic company which I love being a part of.

Frans Bouten Calculator

+31 (0)77 397 41 00

As a Calculator I create the foundation for the correct information for the Board and the Sales Department. Together we assess what the client wants and provide advice with which we really help the client.

Henk Thijssen Calculator

+31 (0)77 397 41 00

In my position I deal with all facets of the company. I provide an advisory role for all employees of Keijsers. The commuication lines are short and the team is committed, really nice!

Mariet van den Munckhof Financial Assistant

+31 (0)77 397 41 00

The ingredients that make my work fun are the dynamic work environment and the diversity of projects. As a calculator, it is a challenge to translate customer demand into good advice, without losing sight of the 'Keijsers'.

Maud van Dooren Calculator

+31 (0)77 397 41 00

I love working at Keijsers, as we work on a large variety of projects; from retail to museums and everything in-between. This means that you get to work with all facets of the profession. In addition, the freedom and responsibility that we are given are important to ensure that the work remains exciting and challenging.

Bert te Brake Project Manager

+31 (0)6 4965 5551

I love creating beautiful, inspiring places. At Keijsers Interiors we do this by using knowledge, experience and modern technology. My work is fascinating due to new developments, customers and the diversity of assignments. I am proud of the skills and knowledge of our team, the key to realizing the plans of our clients.

Kasja van den Hombergh Project Manager

+31 (0)6 8378 9321

As a consultant/project manager I support management in often complex projects, with real solutions with the goal to achieve beautiful result.

Twan Derks Consultant

 +31 (0)77 397 41 00

We’re involved in many challenging projects, each with their own quirks and opportunities!

Eric Schotten Assistant Project Manager

+31 (0)6 3318 1605

I enjoy structuring Keijsers Interiors’ dynamic work environment. It's great to work with the team on a whole range of projects.

Katja Cox Account Support Officer

+31 (0)77 397 41 00

Keijsers interiors has wonderful atmosphere, I enjoy the teamwork. The organization is flat structured, the lines are short, everybody is approachable. The new culture and language also make my work challenging. I enjoy learning and growing on a daily base at Keijsers Interiors.

Rabie Enini Project Manager

+31 (0)6 83 77 03 03

We make beautiful projects, I personally see it as a challenge to translate the design into a technically feasible project. The atmosphere is good and I take pride in realizing these outstanding projects together with our team in Bochnia.

Twan Jenniskens Assistant Project Manager

+31 (0)77 397 41 00

Keijsers Interiors is grwoing and will continue to do so. Internally we make nice steps and this will be translated to our customer. A company to feel at home, future-oriented and with an eye  for the individual.

Manon Joosten HR Manager

+31 (0)6 1340 0125

The development of materials, the diversity in projects and activities and thinking in solutions provide a day full of variety. It is challenging to make the right translation for a unique design, with an eye for material, detail and functionality in order to amaze the customer.


David Nabben Assistant Project Manager

+31 (0)6 2503 2059

I enjoy the technical drawing and I like the difference in activities. My challenge is to get to know the current projects.

Simone van Rooijen Project Support Retail

+31 (0)77 397 4100

I am very proud of how we have overcome the crisis as a team. We have a beautiful and strong international company. The team is committed and together we create a pleasant work environment.

Marja van der Velden Financial Assistant

+31 (0)77 397 4100

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