Timmerhuis Rotterdam

Architecture firm OMA (Rem Koolhaas) designed the Timmerhuis to be 'a floating cloud of steel and glass' in the heart of Rotterdam, behind City Hall. It has established itself as a dynamic and multifunctional public amenity, where scores of people live, work, eat, drink and shop. Among the many unique design features are the lockers, where you can safely store any valuables you may have.


The Leeuwarden-based firm Pyrasied Xtreme Acrylic developed the materials for the marigold satin-acrylate lockers with PyraLed3 light-diffuser doors. Keijsers was selected to construct and install these lockers, which were later awarded the title of Best Acrylate Project due largely to the combination of colors and materials. This unique combination creates a fantastic ambiance and a refreshing effect whenever the locker doors are opened.


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