Bonnefanten Treasure House

The Neutelings collection represents the legacy of Willem Neutelings: four centuries' worth of medieval sculptures from the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and France. 30 years after his death, Neutelings' son and daughter set up an exhibition room in the Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht to showcase this wealth of cultural treasures. It's the best and most multifaceted collection in the Netherlands. In connection with a symposium to be held on 28 May,

the museum asked Keijsers to construct an interior for this treasure house based on a design by the Amsterdam-based firm Opera. Among other aspects, the exquisite lighting really helps to recreate the intimacy of Willem Neutelings' study in this treasure house. It's a museum within a museum. The interior was so well-received that Neutelings' son Theo wants to organize his Christmas dinner here!



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