Warehouse services for Hunkemöller

Quick and flexible warehouse services for Hunkemöller

Keijsers Interiors has a long and intensive partnership with Hunkemöller. We design and construct their store interiors and help them to roll out the Hunkemöller formula. To optimally serve this illustrious brand, we have constructed a 1,500m² warehouse that stocks approximately ten standard Hunkemöller stores at all times. This enables us to proactively respond whenever Hunkemöller wants to open a new store. Of course, Hunkemöller's stores don't all look the same, but the wide range of stock in our warehouse allows us to rapidly develop an interior suitable for any new store.

Space for new stock

Keijsers Interiors is very flexible when it comes to storage capacity in the warehouse. As we regularly develop new items to add to our stock, it's vital that space is reserved in the warehouse to store it.

We are proud to help roll out the Hunkemöller concept and we look forward to many future projects together!



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