A new face: Rob Heijneman

A new face: Rob Heijneman

I am pleased to introduce myself as the newest member of the Keijsers Interiors team. As of January 2018, I have been working as a Business Unit Manager for Keijsers Interiors. Hospitality is both my specialization and passion. I love the fact that hospitality focuses on making people feel welcome, relaxed, and well-fed.

The interior design market is developing rapidly

Developments are happening at a fast pace. We now travel more and are influenced by internet and television, making the world feel much more accessible. New materials are put on the market every day while trends come and go. Interior designers like us are glad to see that potential clients are once again investing in growth and the appearance of their product. I am on the lookout for this kind of potential in the market – people who want to work with Keijsers Interiors on beautiful and even complex projects in interior design. Our professionals and experts guarantee satisfied clients, which brings in new assignments.

In my spare time

I love spending my free time with people. My family life is busy and lively. We volunteer for associations and are passionate about specialty coffee. My eldest son and I often find new places that serve amazing coffee. We search for the ultimate coffee experience, which I then try to match as a barista (not professionally, of course).



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