Collaboration between Vinoloq and Keijsers Interiors

The knowledge that wine is best stored in a beautiful wine climate cabinet was the driving force behind the collaboration between Wim Klaasen from Vinoloq and Keijsers Interiors. Input from viticulturists, wine specialists, and hospitality experts from the Netherlands – as well as ideas provided by Wim Klaasen himself – went into the design of this wine cabinet's unique refrigeration technology and aesthetic appearance. On 24 May, we were treated to a sneak preview of this exquisite piece of furniture!

A modular structure

The wine climate cabinet has a modular design: the basic unit is a single-door cabinet that can be combined with other cabinets to create a bona fide wall of cabinets. The cabinet has three ‘climate zones,’ each specifically designed for storing white wines, red wines, and champagnes.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Wim Klaasen for being such a fantastic partner!



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