The metallic paint sets interior apart

The metallic paint sets interior apart

We recently published an item on the creation of a wine climate cabinet. This project in particular required the development of a metallic paint to spray onto the wine climate cabinets. Keijsers Interiors developed this ourselves, and we are proud to have this technique in house! We used tin, bronze, silver, and brass to create four colours that can be sprayed onto a variety of surfaces such as wood, glass, or plastic.

Just like real metal

This new technique gives the designer or architect an extra option when creating unique and creative features. Because Keijsers Interiors takes care of the entire process, this new metallic paint offers customers many advantages. An example of this is ensuring that production is relatively cheap. We are currently using this technique in a number of projects such as introducing a range of colours for the doors of wine climate cabinets that we have on the market. This technique is also being used in our project in Qatar to give our custom interior a metallic look.



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