The unique hospitality market segment

The unique hospitality market segment

Keijsers Interiors is active in several interior design market segments. Keijsers Interiors is among the leading interior designers in market segments including the hospitality industry. Guests’ experiences play an important role when it comes to interior design in the hospitality industry. The look and feel of the interior design creates a certain feeling. An example of this is the Moxy concept in Düsseldorf.

The Moxy concept: a beautiful project in the hospitality industry

In Düsseldorf, Keijsers Interiors’ specialists are creating a custom interior for the Moxy Hotel. This project is full of challenges, from processing metal and glass to supplying the upholstery. It is truly remarkable to see all these elements being combined in our work. Helge Docters van Leeuwen of HDVL Design Makers designed the Moxy concept’s look: industrial with a welcoming character. Naturally, we coordinated our work with this concept.

We are very proud of this assignment and our collaboration with Moxy Hotels – part of the Odyssey Hotel Group. We are currently producing the interior for the communal areas of the new hotel in Düsseldorf. The furniture will be delivered and installed this summer. 



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