Specialized in rolling out concepts

Specialized in rolling out concepts

The utilities construction sector is typically project based, however this is not necessarily the case in the hospitality and retail industries. Projects in these sectors are often spread over several locations, allowing us to implement exciting interior design concepts.

Implementing a concept

When we are implementing a new concept, we start by meeting with the client and the designer to discuss the installation of the interior at several locations in series. We then conceive smart production processes and fine-tune the logistics of the project. We consider ourselves co-creators, whereby our job includes paying attention to materialization, detailing, and modularity. Naturally, design and quality always come first.

The benefits at a glance

Keijsers Interiors has a dedicated team that focuses on implementing concepts for our clients. Our approach has several benefits, in that we:

  • Always have sufficient stock on hand that our clients can use as required
  • Ensure short delivery times
  • Create a concept that ensures clients can create an identical interior design at a number of locations
  • Provide cost benefits by implementing the concept in a number of branches
  • Help the client to conceive the best solution and provide trouble-free service



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