A new face: Manon Joosten

A new face: Manon Joosten

This month – September 2018 – the team of Keijsers Interiors has been strengthened with the addition of HR advisor Manon Joosten. Keijsers Interiors has the ambition to become the best interior builder for clients in the retail sector and other commercial and industrial buildings. We can only achieve this with the right people in the right place. Manon will be responsible for HR in our growing organization. ‘My strength lies in ensuring the right balance between people and the organization,’ says Manon. ‘My aim is to give everyone certainty and clarity, so that everyone knows what is expected of them. I will be focusing on recruiting and retaining good employees. I think it is important to be sincere in the attention we devote to our colleagues. Only then can we create the best possible team!’

Keijsers Interiors is growing

Keijsers Interiors is a growing organization, and that growth is expected to continue. We are making very good progress and our customers will benefit as a result. ‘I want our employees to continue to identify with the company and take pleasure in their work,’ Manon continues. ‘Keijsers Interiors is an organization that makes you feel at home, both now and in the future. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone who is interested in working for us to contact me. See you soon!’



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