Assignments via a tender

At Keijsers Interiors we regularly participate in tenders. Government services often bring a large order or assignment to the market via a tender. Market parties have the opportunity to participate in the tender. Tender processes are not just price driven. Tender participants are often asked to present a plan of approach, risk inventory and process planning. In some cases, the client asks to offer test pieces or so called mock ups to check the quality.

Keijsers Interiors successful at tenders
At Keijsers Interiors a designated team is working on the tenders. In the Keijsers Interiors has been awarded assignments by government parties. We have realized the bespoke furniture for Deventer's town hall and the tailor made furniture for Hub Kerkrade.

At this moment we are awaiting the results of a tender for the custom built interior of a leading museum in the Netherlands. Hopefully we can inform you soon that we have won the assignment for this museum. We'll keep you posted!



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