New Chief Operating Officer Eli van Beekveld

New Chief Operating Officer Eli van Beekveld
Keijsers Interiors is growing and Eli van Beekveld has joined the managing board. Eli started in her new role of Chief Operating Officer as of December 1st. Together with our CEO Ton van der Velden she is taking the lead at Keijsers Interiors.

Ambitions inspired by quality
With Eli as a management board member the ambition has been strengthened to have a hassle free customers experience in the field of tailor-made interior. With Eli as COO the internal organization is able to continue to deliver high quality and think along with the client in order to achieve together to best possible result. At this moment and in future.

Meet Eli van Beekveld
In an interview Eli tells what she thinks of her new job and you get to know her better.

What made you start as COO at Keijsers Interiors?
‘’ Although I had a good running company in organizational development, I decided to join the management of Keijsers Interiors. The inspiring ambition, the great quality and the enthusiasm at Keijsers Interiors have taken me from the first moment. Keijsers Interiors is a company that does not hesitate to make exceptional things, looks further than its boundaries and really thinks along with the customer.”

What is challenging about your job?
‘’Keijsers Interiors is demanding towards its employees. It is important to continuously deliver quality, which is very important to our customer. I have impact on the selection to make sure we select and keep the right team members. We simply want to have our internal organization at order. This requires leadership focused on people and craft, a wonderful combination. And exactly that combination at this moment and the future is what challenges me.’’

Looking at Keijsers Interiors, what are you proud of?
“I enjoy the teamwork of our employees on a project. Thinking about the different possibilities with the customer, questioning each other critically and supporting when needed. Together you reach further and you achieve a much better result. We are very proud when the project is awarded to Keijsers and completed! I think it's important that successes are shared and celebrated; after all, a large part of the Keijsers team has contributed. "

We wish Eli lots of success and look forward to work together!



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