Keijsers Interiors appoints new CEO

Willem Hoefakker was appointed as the new CEO of Keijsers Interiors - one of the largest interior designers in the Netherlands - on April 1st 2019. Hoefakker succeeds the current CEO Ton van der Velden. With Willem Hoefakker in charge, a new course is set for Keijsers Interiors.

As a multinational in the field of complete interior construction for large national and international companies and institutions, the next phase has arrived where new enthusiasm is needed to realize the growth ambitions of Keijsers Interiors. Hoefakker has earned his stripes with various international furniture multinationals. Together with Eli van Beekveld - current COO at Keijsers Interiors - Hoefakker has set out a clear vision and strategy on how the organization should excel in the coming years.

The current company of Hoefakker - De Projectgroep B.V. - will work closely with Keijsers Interiors. In terms of know-how, knowledge, approach and implementation, the forces of project design and interior construction are combined and the companies will strengthen each other wherever possible. With retention of own identity and authenticity, as well as own staff, customers and new business relations.

“We remain who we are and all our employees are 100% committed to the high quality that our two companies stand for! We are progressing with full force and will continue to expand our clientele. Broaden our target groups. Utilize our specialties even better, "says Hoefakker enthusiastically. Both organizations together have become an even bigger player in the field of international project design and interior construction.

Ton van der Velden, after having worked for Keijsers Interiors for more than 23 years, at his own request gladly hands Keijsers Interiors over to Willem Hoefakker, thereby taking a step aside to allow Hoefakker to grow with the entire organization.

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