A new face: Michal Kapuscinski

Introducing our new Plant Director: Michal Kapuscinski

For a long time now, we at Keijsers Interiors have our own plant in Bochnia, Poland. Together we work on all the projects, so a Director that embraces teamwork, shares our ambitions and who has a strong vision for the production part of projects is essential. And all that we’ve found in Michal Kapuscinski. Michal explains what he brings to Keijsers Interiors.

What made you chose to become the Plant Director at Keijsers Interiors?

“From the first meeting I saw huge potential in Keijsers Interiors, all the employees are real experts in their work. The vision of the management team for the future of Keijsers Interiors matched my ambitions. So that is a great challenge for a person like me.”

What is your work background?

“I have 9 years’ experience in supply chain and production. Half of this time I spent in the furniture business. Working as a planner and production manager for instance in the world class factory Fritz Hansen. Of which the last 3 years spent on creating and expanding the upholstery department.”

What are the ambitions you hope to realize in the plant?

“I want to develop the full factory potential, build a team of experts ready to do the impossible. Starting with improving communication, organize work smarter and build an atmosphere that contributes to even more creativity.”



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