The Student Hotel collaborates with Keijsers Interiors!

The Student Hotel, a unique hotel concept for students (or anyone with a student spirit), is opening a new 39.000 m2 hotel in Vienna. Keijsers Interiors will provide all of the public areas such as co-living studios, study and gaming areas, meeting rooms, restaurants, bars, gyms, and designer co-working facilities with tailor made furniture.

The Student Hotel co-living, co-working business model provides a unique hybrid destination for a fast-growing international community. And it’s exactly this international focus that fits Keijsers Interiors international ambitions.

Not just a one-off project

Working on such complex projects together with our clients requires mutual understanding, great cooperation and communication. So understandably, we aim for long-term relationships, where we get more and more in tune with the way of working of our clients.

This started during the tender process, where, according to The Student Hotel, we excelled in good cooperation, swift response time, the precise consideration and implementation of their feedback, as well as the proactive approach towards the process.


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