Design & Build - yin & yang of project and interior construction

Design & Build - yin & yang of project and interior construction

Design & Build is the name of the systematic method we use upon delivery of each project in order to objectively complete all previously discussed aspects to our satisfaction. With this proven system, we have the design and construction services in our own hands. The biggest advantage of the Design & Build approach is one contact person, one invoice and strong control over budget, schedule and design.

Complex issues are a real challenge for the teams of Keijsers Interiors and De Projectgroep. We make designs and think along with the architects in detail. As inspired innovators we contribute to the enrichment of existing plans and designs in terms of sustainability, choice of materials and possible alternatives and feasibility.

Our expertise and added value lies in translating 'a beautiful design on paper' into a 'beautiful, affordable and detailed plan for today'. Through years of knowledge and experience we can optimize precisely this design phase. Our strengths are:

- one-stop-shop
- flexibility in production methods
- extensive knowledge of materials
- mostly sustainable alternatives
- smart, practical and cost-saving solutions
- brand new experience center in Utrecht
- own factory

To arrive at the most suitable design, we take you with us and challenge you to come up with creative ideas. But, a design is only successful if it is really feasible. It has to be right, from list of requirements to budget, from technical feasibility to tight planning. From a single point of contact!

CoVino coffee and wine bar in Maarssen
Fletcher wellness hotel De Hunzebergen

Our design is not just out of the blue. We believe that your office or project should reflect the identity of your company. It should tell your story, connect and be appealing and attract and inspire the right employees and customers. What makes you YOU?
We like to be guided and inspired by your company story. What do you want to radiate? What is your mission? We make it visible and let it come back in our design. This way you will have a hotel, restaurant or office that not only follows a trend, but that fits you and continues to fit you. Your 'signature', in fact.

Hotel Mariënhage in Eindhoven

Translating the design into a feasible and affordable plan of our time is the next step. We call that 'enriching the design phase'. Your plan/briefing is seen as the basis for a creative continuation in execution. Taking into account important aspects such as durability, ease of maintenance, cost savings, limitation of assembly time and a quick delivery. Turnkey!

Van der Valk Hotel Gilze

We help you to create and implement a completely new concept by sitting down together - together with the designer - at the table at an early stage. Devising smart and cost-efficient production processes and solutions. This certainly includes a great deal of attention to the logistics process. Together we focus on co-creation, looking at materialization, detailing and modularity. Together we work as one team on one task. Meanwhile, we ensure that you remain unburdened. Drop by if you want to brainstorm about a new idea, you are welcome in our experience center in Utrecht.

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