Interior Group and office furnishing

Interior Group and office furnishing

The workplace layout has a major impact on how employees feel. Stylish meeting rooms with functional tables, attractive plants and warm lighting; no employee is insensitive to the atmosphere of an office space. Central features include more independence and responsibility for employees, flexible and activity-related workplaces and times, a new IT environment, and a full suite of online communication options. As a specialist in custom office furnishings, we work with architects and project management agencies to deliver a good working atmosphere for all employees.

Multiple interests

The advice for companies wanting to make their office design a success is often based on two core issues:

  • Get to know the habits, routines and preferences of your employees beforehand;
  • Involve employees in the design and implementation of the new workplaces and continue to communicate with them about this on a regular basis.

In short: furnishing an office means taking various interests into account. What is really important when it comes to furnishing an office? There are many aspects to consider. Interior Group mainly focuses on devising and implementing flexible furnishing. Important aspects are custom furniture, acoustics, integration of “living green”, flex workplaces, integration of technology, and catering facilities.

Custom furniture

An important starting point for us is to make furniture that can be used in several ways. Our factory in Poland still uses traditional methods for the custom work, and this is supplemented by serial production. This is available of the customer and the project demand it. For example, we can also take care of the reuse and revitalisation of existing (antique) furniture. We recently made beautiful new display material from various antique pieces for the Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht. In addition, there is now an increase in the importance of “green” in the work environment. Large custom planters within an office as a room divider or as part of the “green garden” are welcome solutions to any interior. Finally, the green colour gives a positive and energetic feeling.

Flex space BDO The Hague; Studio De Winter

Invisible technology

The integration of technology in the workplace is certainly an important element. With custom furniture, power cables and other elements can be hidden, but the integration does not stop there. Many other solutions and applications are possible.


It is important to know that the furnishing of an office can create a unique, inspiring and pleasant space in which employees feel at home and their creativity and productivity are stimulated. Influencing acoustics with the use of acoustic materials is a good example of this. These materials can come in the form of ceilings, wallpaper, paintings and artistic shapes that almost look like art. A lot can be customised.

Photography: Incatro ARTbreeze

Catering facilities

Office concepts and innovative office spaces go hand-in-hand with innovative, indoor catering concepts. A strong catering concept is a destination in itself, and another place in which people can come together.

The success of a catering concept in an office building is mainly due to its renewal and variation. Building users who have lunch there every day are looking for healthy food and would like to be constantly surprised by the selection. Fresh bell pepper soup on Monday and a self-selection salad on Wednesday, and maybe a toasted sandwich on Thursday?

We regularly build kitchen areas that “blend into the space” and integrate kitchen units and atmospheric bars. We also supply the furniture for the catering industry and the common areas through our co-creator, De Projectgroep.

Restaurant Océ Canon; Studio de Winter

The interior as an identity – as a calling card

Available office space has been declining for some time. Employees are getting fewer square metres on the shop floor. Today we all face different challenges. There are probably fewer times that all employees are in the office at the same time – technology now makes it possible to work anywhere, and at any time. It is not without reason that successful companies pay so much attention to the design of their office. The interior will always remain an important part of the identity of a company, regardless of home working and new innovative workplaces. Today’s office environments have become meeting spaces and living spaces in which people also enjoy working. It is great that Interior Group, together with co-creators Keijsers Interiors and De Projectgroep, can deliver outstanding projects. We work with you to think about customisation, cable management, acoustics, atmosphere, comfort and ergonomics. View some images of our projects here.

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