Look inside; libraries can be the living rooms of the city

Look inside; libraries can be the living rooms of the city

Co-creators of Interior Group, Keijsers Interiors and De Projectgroep, regularly provide custom interiors for the various libraries in our country. Today, these are increasingly being referred to as the living rooms of the city. And they really are. Because in addition to their functionality, their atmosphere is certainly an important element. They have become a meeting place for young and old and require spacious coffee corners, large reading tables, a children’s corner and various themed areas. How should the books be presented, and which furniture and rugs will create the right look?

These are all questions that we answered at an early stage when meeting with the interior architect. The assembly and installation process can then begin. Delivery follows proudly with all the co-creators in attendance because these are the fun creative projects that demand uniqueness, creativity and craftsmanship.

Bibliotheek Neude

We contributed to bringing De Bibliotheek Neude, with its rich history, into the beautiful building at De Neude in the heart of Utrecht.

Much can be said about this former building of the Utrecht Hoofdpostkantoor [Main Post Office] – the place where the Library is now housed. The Hoofdpostkantoor remained in service as a post office building until the end of October 2011; it then closed its doors for the last time.

After the closure of the post office, an investigation was carried out in 2014 to see whether the Central Library could be located in the building. Plans and drawings were required to make, build, renovate, move and furnish the library to fit the 21st century perfectly. As a co-creator of Interior Group, Keijsers Interiors was able to build and install a lot of custom-made furniture and therefore contribute to “this living room of the city”. For example, the reading table, sofas, information desks, kitchen areas and workplaces are typically custom-made pieces where details make the absolute difference. We also worked with acoustic wall panels to contribute to the creation of a “warm” environment.

Bibliotheek Neude opened its doors on 13 March 2020. For and with the city, 125 years of library. From a public reading room from where nothing was lent, to a public library with thousands of books for everyone.

Bibliotheek Neude

Photography: MediaMeisters

HUB Kerkrade – a pearl in the south.

The Culture Cluster of HUB Kerkrade brings residents together. Creative guide Aat Vos successfully brought the library, theatre and other cultural partners together under one roof. His mission was to make public spaces a “third place”. This means in addition to your workplace and home place. The “third place” is the place where everyone feels at home, regardless of age, origin or status. A place that is accessible and available for free. And also relevant to the environment.

Keijsers Interiors was awarded the contract to deliver the custom interior via public tender. An interior with furniture for the various functions specific to HUB. An interior in which the visitor feels welcome in his or her own “third place”.

Photography: Marco Heyda

The best library in our country

Bibliotheek School7 is located in Den Helder and stretches over an area of 2,800 m2. This library is not only used for books, it is considered a second living room in the city. The Den Helder Housing Association invited architect Marcel van der Veer to develop a design. Keijsers Interiors was selected as the builder of the specific custom interior.

School 7 won the prestigious Public Library of the Year Award 2018 in the category “New library in an existing building”. This is an international prize that recognises new and innovative libraries. The Award jury members appreciate the way in which the library worked with local partners. They also cited the special architecture and layout of the library as exceptionally striking.

School 7 was chosen as the best of 4 other libraries in the world. Last year the library was voted the best in the Netherlands. There are several reasons School 7 is a particularly well-appreciated library: it is also a wedding location, it houses the Helderse Historical Association, offers beautiful course rooms and meeting rooms, and it is within walking distance of the train station. A second home in which you can research books, meet others, learn things or just have a cup of coffee. This innovative library piques the curiosity of visitors and is located in a striking city landmark. Made with high-quality materials, Keijsers Interiors delivered a warm appearance that the architect incorporated into the design.

Interior Group is also completely at home in this cultural corner.

Photography: Lesley Alma

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