Modular construction in the retail industry, what is possible?

Modular construction in the retail industry, what is possible?

Specialist in the roll-out of concepts

The hospitality and retail sector is often focussed on many locations, nationally and internationally. In this case, a complete interior concept is necessary to guarantee rapid roll-out of a custom interior.

What does that involve? Creating a concept...

When a completely new concept is required, we will sit down with our customer and designer at an early stage to work on multiple locations simultaneously. For example, we develop smart solutions for the production process and pay a lot of attention to logistics. We offer stock management as an option, as well as storage, so we can quickly get involved for the customer when rolling out a new store, hotel room or holiday home.

The benefits at a glance

Our organisation has a dedicated specialist team engaged in developing concepts for customers. This approach has several advantages:

  • Identical appearance for multiple locations
  • We work closely with our customers to “unburden” them
  • Storage for bulk stock
  • Short delivery and assembly times
  • Cost advantage
  • We take care of our own distribution

Unique solutions or serial applications for multiple locations. An identical appearance is of great importance for the recognition and identity of a brand.

The Art of Creation
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