Sustainable new innovation by Criaterra Earth Technologies

Sustainable new innovation by Criaterra Earth Technologies

100% biodegradable interior tiles

The tile industry is also affected by the drive for sustainability. A special and unique example of this is the latest interior tiles from Criaterra Earth Technologies. Comet International Agency recently signed the first of these. This makes the Netherlands the pilot country for the 100% naturally degradable tile.

The Israeli company Criaterra Earth Technologies specializes in the development of biodegradable building materials. Adital Ela, CEO and founder, studied Industrial Design in the Netherlands and developed a passion for designing and manufacturing circular products. In the early 2000s, Ela became inspired in India by the manufacture of a ceramic mug that was dried only by sunlight. Without further effort.

Unlike the familiar firing processes of ceramics and cement that burn natural materials to become "dead matter," Criaterra's eco-innovative manufacturing process creates the compressed "living products" that can eventually return to the earth as nutrients for their next productive cycle. This after 15 years of development time!

Ancient indigenous techniques

Technology that draws on a great tradition of producing indigenous products and buildings with earth. Criaterra Earth Technologies applied contemporary science and technology to this indigenous knowledge. A sustainable industrial technology emerged that traces back to the use of earth furnaces in different countries. This was a great inspiration for Criaterrra's research and development process.

The raw materials for the production of these tiles can be brought together in any location in the world. Demolition waste can be found everywhere. For now, the innovative tiles are imported from Israel. During 2021, more will be known about possible local production facilities for Europe.

Comet International B.V.

Rick Worst, director of Comet, has a feel for new developments. He is convinced of Criaterra and sees the potential of a circular product which made him decide without hesitation to represent them. It's great that Interior Group can join them and already has this beautiful material in the experience center.

The tiles that are now coming out first can be used as ceramic wall finishes. The various motifs are in an unequal hexagon and other geometric designs. The range of shades of the tiles falls under the earth colors and thus directly lives up to the brand name Criaterra. A wonderful circular product for the interior design industry.

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