The remarkable student housing complex The Cube

The remarkable student housing complex The Cube

Utrecht, 03 June 2021 - Interior Group with co-creators Keijsers Interiors and De Projectgroep have been jointly commissioned to completely (custom) furnish the large-scale and prestigious Utrecht student complex The Cube. A world-class housing solution for Utrecht students.

The striking student housing complex is located on the former site of the Dutch Parcel Service in the Overvecht district of Utrecht - corner of Zamenhofdreef and Brailledreef.

The Cube will be like a city within a city, where residents of all backgrounds will soon come together. This entire complex consists of 639 varied apartments for individuals, couples, PhD candidates, disabled people and units grouped in residential groups. There will be a large bicycle cellar and 1,000 m2 of public facilities including restaurants and 18 shared livings. These include a beautiful, modern lounge, a restaurant with a learning facility, a coffee bar and an attractively furnished library and study areas.

The Cube is in line with Utrecht's ambition of Healthy Urban Living with various sports facilities such as a boot camp track, fitness room and an outdoor sports field on the 1st floor. Collective roof gardens and a pleasant courtyard will be realized - everything to make the living comfort as optimal as possible.

The intertwining of city and green, Overvecht and Utrecht city center, student and neighborhood resident is given shape in this distinctive building. With its 15 floors, The Cube is the tallest building in the Overvecht district. The complex will certainly also play a connecting role for the local residents. For example, on the first floor there will be a central area where everyone can meet for various activities. And there will be a catering plaza [called De Plint] that is of course freely accessible to everyone.

After the summer, Keijsers Interiors and De Projectgroep will start the specialist interior design work. The building is expected to be completed for the 2022-2023 academic year. More information about The Cube and construction developments - visit:

"We are very happy with this fantastically beautiful assignment, especially since it is in our 'own' city," said Rob Heijneman Sales Manager at Keijsers Interiors.

Producing and fitting out custom furnishings is right up De Projectgroep's and Keijsers Interiors' street. Together, the two companies offer added value by combining forces, knowledge and expertise. Technology and craftsmanship are translated into creativity in all phases of the interior process: from reflection on design to execution. From this synergy, they are the co-creators of Interior Group - with the experience center - the inspiration place par excellence where mastery, design, craftsmanship and uniqueness merge.

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