RWS – the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management – is responsible for public roads and waterways in the Netherlands. In the past, RWS was mainly an executive branch of government, but nowadays, it is much more focused on the users. RWS has become a service provider to every person in the Netherlands.


Few people realize what an incredibly multifaceted role this is. To give visitors greater insight into what RWS does, the firm Pronk., in collaboration with RWS and Keijsers, devised a series of furnishings for the entrance halls in RWS's eleven main offices.


These furnishings allow visitors to use their few minutes of waiting time to watch, read and learn about RWS, its history and the particular office that the visitor has come to. The first entrance-hall systems were installed by Keijsers at Westraven, RWS's head office in Utrecht.




Pronk., Rotterdam