'Good architecture should satisfy all the senses.' The general experience of a visit to or a stay in a hospital must contribute to optimal recovery and a pleasant working environment. The Delft-based firm Mecanoo provided the drawings, while Silo devised the building's spatial identity. Keijsers was then invited to brainstorm on the ergonomics and hygiene. Standing and sitting workstations for employees were installed, and we constructed and fitted the reception areas, the interior of the patients' rooms and the tailor-made interiors of the public spaces.

Together with developer Vitaal Zorgvast, we constructed an innovative center that is one of the most sustainable hospitals in Europe. One of the formulas we applied was the LEAN philosophy, ensuring no energy or materials were unnecessarily wasted. We incorporated water recycling, heat generation from the ventilation system and intelligent heating and cooling applications. As a result, ZMC became the first LEAN hospital in Europe, and in 2016, it was awarded the BREEAM-NL 'Very Good' certificate.

All in all, the partners were immensely proud of the considerable added value that the results delivered

BAM - Bunnik