The Rosalind Franklin Biotechnology Center is situated on the DSM Biotech Campus in Delft. The issues of pollution and climate change have forced the world to rethink its use of fossil fuels and with this purpose in mind, the scientists here are developing fuels for the future. The latest in a long line of exciting and advanced products devised by the center is bioethanol. Biotechnology is the future, and the future is being written as we speak.

In the central atrium of the laboratory, Fokkema & Partners designed workstations, meeting areas and offices. All of the areas are open and connected, although they retain the necessary levels of privacy. The 'pebbles' are a particularly striking feature – these organic materials are ecologically responsible and highly functional. They give the atrium a particularly elegant look and feel during quiet periods. The warm and informal atmosphere has given the building a social heart.

Keijsers was commissioned by DSM to design the office space. The kitchenettes, informal workstations, tailor-made storage facilities and the organically sculpted pebbles in the atrium were delivered to the huge satisfaction of the client.

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