Renovation of the Damen Shipyards office

Bringing back the American industrial style

The Damen Shipyards headquarters are housed in the De Schelde national heritage site ('rijksmonument') in Vlissingen. Several changes to the building made it increasingly difficult to distinguish its authentic American industrial style with European features. This was why it was important to restore the important elements!

Cooperation with architect Group A

The national heritage site that houses the office has several annexes. Architect Group A has renovated various parts, the entrance, the winding staircase, and the atrium, to restore the authentic style and atmosphere. The building's interior has been completely restyled. The architect used contemporary elements, such as characteristic patterns, colours, and materials. Keijsers Interiors supplied some of the building's customized furniture and installations, such as the conference tables with built-in video walls, wall units, kitchenettes, and showcases.


Bouwbedrijf Cordeel


Group A


Roos Aldershoff