Generator Amsterdam: from university to hostel

Every space has its own personality

Generator Amsterdam is a hostel in the increasingly popular eastern part of town, with a view of Oosterpark. The hostel used to be part of the University of Amsterdam and the zoological museum. It can now host up to 564 guests. All the rooms are equipped with a private bathroom and have a stunning view of the park or the garden.

The hostel has flexible and spacious common areas, all with a special design. The old lecture hall has been transformed into an impressive lounge and bar. The old library was changed into a leisure room for private events, and what used to be the boiler room is now a cosy bar. Each individual room has elements that recur in the overall design of the building. The authentic architecture has been left intact and existing materials were creatively reused.

An international project

Keijsers Interiors has supplied customized interiors for various public spaces, such as the reception, breakfast hall, nightclub, and VIP room. What makes this project special is its strong international character. The contractor and project developer are Dutch, the architect is Canadian, and the client is French. Keijsers Interiors' international experience makes it easy to navigate this mixed-discipline, multinational project.


Pleijsier Bouw


Freek Miggelbrink