Apartment hotels are very popular

Apartment hotels are very popular

The market for “serviced apartments” is the fastest growing segment within the hotel industry in the Netherlands. This can be seen by the Interior Group delivering the CityDen in Amsterdam West (Bos en Lommerplantsoen) before the summer.

Cityden Group:“This is a unique aparthotel that has 120 apartments in over 20 room types, distributed over 14 floors where guests can get the most out of their stay. The only way is up.

Interior Group (of which Keijsers Interiors and De Projectgroep are joint co-creators) were responsible for this project together and looked after the assembly and placement of individual furnishings including lighting, net curtains and curtains, as well as the production and assembly of special custom work. The client had absolutely nothing to do, just as we did in a similar project earlier this year. The entrance, catering and reception are also included. Smart, attractive spaces have been created that provide excellent balance between work and rest. Whether this is for a weekend or a month.

This beautiful apartment hotel is now in full use. You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner in Lucy’s Kitchen, or make use of the gym or mini market. The best thing about this project is it is an excellent example of the synergy between De Projectgroep’s strengths and the craftsmanship of Keijsers Interiors. And so we now move onto the next one. The only way is up.

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