Transformation of office buildings into homes

Transformation of office buildings into homes

For a number of years now, the conversion of existing office buildings, hospitals, schools and shops into affordable homes seems to be a real trend. This is how our country has gained 12,500 homes. About 46% of all “transformation homes” originated in existing office buildings. Another part is new homes resulting from converted shops, clinics, churches or school buildings.

Supply and demand

A large number of office buildings are empty in the Netherlands. This is because the supply of offices exceeds demand and because these buildings often no longer meet the modern requirements and wishes of companies. The transformation of offices to the “new way of working” is a sign of our times. It seems that the office is increasingly taking on the function of the clubhouse in which colleagues come to meet and work together. The result? Many properties have been vacant for a long time and can hardly be rented or sold any more.

Interior Group – Keijsers Interiors – De Projectgroep

Interior Group, with co-creators Keijsers Interiors and De Projectgroep, transforms offices and business premises into fully-fledged, modern and contemporary living spaces for different target groups. Depending on the wishes of the property owner, we develop efficient and targeted tailor-made solutions.

For example, we recently helped build the Aparthotel Cityden in Amsterdam West. These long-stay apartment hotels are a fast-growing segment in the Dutch hotel industry. Yays Apartments in Amsterdam Entrepothaven is another great example of co-creation and this trend. These projects require creative, smart solutions. Working with the architect and agencies involved, we look at the possibilities and achieve successful transformations, partly thanks to our KPS system. An automated industrial process, based on experience, craftsmanship and modern insights. This standardisation ensures efficiency and eradicates errors.

There are plenty of challenges and opportunities. We have developed smart processes and applications that contribute to rapid deliveries for the interior construction of such transformation projects. The added value of an established interior builder and a fast project designer is a strong combination here.

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