The Municipality of The Hague wanted to ensure the Escamp District Council Office was a shining example of sustainable construction. The striking triangular building on the Leyweg is 75 meters tall, boasts 17 stories and has a façade crafted from Norwegian marble. It is home to the municipal office, the library and a series of apartments. Escamp is seen as City Hall II in this royal and administrative metropolis.

The key aspect of the building was efficient and careful use of energy and materials. Within a short period, Keijsers provided top-quality furnishings for around 5,000 m2 of floor space. We applied a glossy finish to all of this furniture in our own workshop.

Together with several select partners, we crafted a number of specific interior concepts for the library, and in the wedding hall, we integrated LED lighting into the wall coverings.


Gemeente Den Haag


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